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UMA Training Programs

Basic Training Program
Designed for guest students with or without martial arts experience. White Belt to 1st stripe curriculum covering fundamental martial arts skills, including basic stances, blocks, kicks and strikes, plus practical self-defense skills, physical conditioning and Black Belt attitude training. A prerequisite for UMA membership, the Basic Training Program is designed to determine if membership is right for the student.

Black Belt Program
Designed for member students wishing to pursue a Black Belt path. White Belt to 1st Degree Black Belt curriculum based on the traditional 108 Tiger and Crane, Five Animal Fist Shaolin Kung Fu form. A comprehensive training program including self-defense application, basic weapon and iron rings training, Protech sparring, 5 Elemental Leadership Skills and the 8 Life Principles of Success.

Masters Path Program
Designed for committed member students wishing to pursue a Path of Self-Mastery. White Belt to 5th Degree Black Belt curriculum including all Black Belt Program training, plus comprehensive instruction in Xing Yi, Northern Chinese Long Fist, Wing Chung, Baguazhang, Tai Chi and other exotic Kung Fu forms. Also features training in 18 traditional weapons, wooden man and body opponent bag application, board breaking and iron hand training, and eligibility (with instructor's approval) for Certified Instructor Training Program (C.I.T.) and accelerated rank advancement.

UMA Research Institute
Located in Sun City West, this headquarters campus is staffed by a faculty of Master Instructors and visiting Grand Master Instructors. The UMA Research Institute is a learning center designed for the advanced study of Kung Fu and high level martial arts instruction that is offered exclusively at UMA Headquarters. Master Instructors focus on Black Belt training from 6th through 10th degree, with emphasis on advanced weapons training, free sparring, weapons sparring, specialized forms and Certified Instructor's Training (C.I.T.). The Institute's academic curriculum includes the study of martial arts history, origin, philosophy and life applications, plus disciplines such as calligraphy, drumming and Chinese herbal medicine. The UMA Research Institute also hosts our Certified Instructor Training (C.I.T.) Program and the activities of the UMA Black Belt Society.

UMA Certified Instructors Training (C.I.T.) Program
Comprehensive training program for the individual wishing to become a professional martial arts instructor. Covers all aspects of running a martial arts school including teaching techniques, student protocols and business systems.

UMA Black Belt Society
A social organization available to all UMA Black Belts, designed to further their martial arts training and teachings through special events, community activities and charitable projects. Members of this group receive additional high level martial arts, specialized Kung Fu forms and weapons training from UMA Master Instructors.

Comments from UMA Members:

Bill & Tracey Head
"Our UMA training has developed a strong bond between my daughter and me. It has helped my daughter with her confidence and I'm in the best condition of my life since my early 20's. It's been a big inspiration for both of us to stay involved in each others lives."

Ken Colander & Family
"UMA has provided us with a terrific family bonding experience. Training has greatly improved our families overall health and spiritual wellness. UMA has taught is how to create our own reality through following the 5 Elemental Life Skills."

Sister Christi Laudolff, CSA
"The physical aspects of my UMA training have enhanced the positive effects of my diabetes medication. The focus on Centering and living in the present moment has been very complimentary to my life as a Roman Catholic Sister."

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